DeLand Bakery & Natural Market

You have heard the saying “raining cats and dogs,” well we are raining great deals at Deland Natural Market. Our ever expanding pet department has dog and cat food that is not only grain free but full of tasty certified wholesome ingredients. Let your pet try out Spots Stew made with real meat and fresh vegetables. We also have products that may meet your pets’ special diet needs. For example, if your pooch and moggie* (slang for cat*) is looking a bit overweight then trim them down with our weight care solution food. We also have a special yeast and garlic powder, just sprinkle on your pet food and notice the results. Yeast and garlic also comes in wafers for that well deserved treat or reward, and will nourish and strengthen your pet naturally with protein and the essential B-Complex vitamins. Deland Natural Market is as serious about the way your pets eat as they are about how their owners eat.

We have alternative medicine for your four legged friends; remedies for fear, anger, jealousy, and depression because pets are just like us. Rescue Remedy is great for airplane trips and helps during our Florida summer thunder storms and the weather anywhere else in the U.S. We have shampoos made from coconuts, and canine soap bars made from Neem and essential oils (I think I will try that).

We have a gentle ear cleaning solution formulated by an herbal scientist using only premium botanicals which can relieve issues associated with yeast infections, excessive wax build up, ear odor and allergies.

And for a night on the town, we have herbal collars scented with a mixture of natural aromatic oils. Don’t be surprise if you little furry four legged pets bring home some friends.